Humans of Eagan: Maria Frome

The dictionary defines sonder as “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. And if you spot to really think about that very idea, it’s kind of a beautiful thing. We, as people, get so caught up in the day to day routine that it’s easy to forget about the intricacies of the people around us. Every person on this planet has a story worth telling. More importantly, every person has a story worth listening to.  And listen is what Eagan Independent is attempting to do.


This week’s “Human of Eagan” is sophomore Maria Frome.  She says:

“My best childhood memory was when my parents surprised me with a trip to Arizona for my golden birthday when I was ten. I feel most proud that people recognize that I have good morals and keep my priorities straight. It feels good to know that people see that I know what I want with my life. My favorite type of music is country, but every now and then a good Beyoncé bop is appreciated. If I could travel anywhere, it would be to Hilton Head, South Carolina because the beaches are breathtaking. Also, driving around while listening to country with the windows down is so much more fun there. The teacher that had the most impact on me was Mrs. Crumb at Red Pine because she pushed me to be the best student I could be and still use the life lessons she taught me.”


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