Humans of Eagan: Graham Scott

As junior Graham Scott sits by Lecture Room A in the mornings, people observe which hat he is wearing that day, and then move on with their lives.  Little do they stop to think about how Scott’s life is going. Here is what he has to say:

“In middle school, we had a trip to Washington D.C. and while I was there, we went to a mall as a break between museums and education and such, and there was a vendor there who was selling bracelets, neck things, belts and hats all for 5 dollars.  So there was this fairly good looking fedora for five dollars so I thought, why not? There was a young gentleman by the name of Noah who, I think by chance, got the exact same hat. Noah was a very show-offy fellow. He was a person I think a lot of people noticed passing in the hallways.  So that kind of started a miniature rivalry. I dubbed the first so-called blow by buying a second hat and wearing that as well, alternating every other day. After that, it just became a thing. I think people notice me more and people recognize me because of the hats. My friends got used to the hats very quickly and they say it fits my personality.  They have come to think of me as a sophisticated British stereotype because as a kid I enjoyed reading through dictionaries around the house and trying to sound out the long words just for fun. I thought it was fun because they sound weird, like antidisestablishmentarianism, so I just started using them around and people have come to think of me as fancy because I use big words.  I do think the hats allow people to be more aware of my presence because I am tall and the hats make me taller.  [I would also like] to disclose the misconception hats don’t overheat your head.”

Thanks, Graham! Keep being you!

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