Humans of Eagan: Kira Kröning

Kira Kröning is a junior at Eagan High School and foreign exchange student from Germany. Every year, Eagan High School hosts many foreign exchange students and this year Kira is one of them. She is originally from Germany but is spending her time here in Eagan until next June.


When asked why Kira wanted to explore a foreign exchange, she replied that she wanted the “experience of another lifestyle.” Of this lifestyle she states that “some American food looks weird” and that it is “different to see people around the community, like stores, interact with each other, like they know one another,” when it is seen that they usually do not.


When Kira arrived in Minnesota she was not expecting “the amount of humidity in the summer.” As she soon started going to school at Eagan she found, that “Eagan is much bigger than her home high school, which has around 500 students.” It was also different to Kira that “Eagan uses a lot of technology, like iPads, we do not use a lot of technology back home.” At Eagan she enjoys being able to pick her own classes and that the classes are very different than the ones at her home high school.

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