Humans of Eagan: Brooke Ruppe

Humans of Eagan: Brooke Ruppe

Senior Brooke Ruppe owns the halls with confidence every day as she radiates positivity and shows off new latest fashion trends. If you’ve ever wondered how she does it every day, here’s a look into her life:


What types of activities are you a part of at Eagan?

“I love being very involved at school. I’m in 12 or 13 clubs I think. I’m involved in each and every one of my clubs because they’re all so unique. In every club there’s different grades, different people. Russian club and Prom committee are two of my favorites. I love languages, I’m part of three; French, Spanish and Russian. I’m self taught in Russian and Spanish and I took French for 5-6 years. I love film production, which is why I’m a part of Eagan AM and the show we make. I’m also involved in Student Government, Theater, Art, and High Schools Against Cancer.”


How do you have time for it all?

“Well, it’s senior year so all my classes are a bit less stressful so there’s a balance. It’s all about managing your time. Maybe you’re with this person for five minutes or I’m only at this club for a couple minutes, so for me my biggest thing is that if I’m in the club, for the meetings I will at least be there at one point. I might not be there at every meeting for the whole time but I will be there at some point.”


How would you describe your style?

“I love styling myself and fashion, hair, makeup, etc. Sometimes my outfits just kind of come to me. I do a different hairstyle every day. It might be pigtails and tomorrow could be curls or straight hair. Something I like to do is Fancy Friday where I dress up! As well as Mondays are always something new, and Wednesdays are always Wacky Wednesday with something like a fun hat! As for my style, I haven’t really seen people in my high school career try these different things. It’s fun for me and I love being different. I strive for people to be themselves and this is 100% confident me.”


Anything else you’d like people to know?

“I’m a very positive person. I strive to meet new people. If you don’t know me, come up and talk to me! Doesn’t matter the age or grade, I just love to chat. I also love break dancing and singing as well as positive quotes. I have a new quote every day, so you can always come up and talk to me and ask me “what’s the quote of the day Brooke?” if you’re having a bad day. In the future I hope to make motivational videos and work with something along those lines.”

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