Humans of Eagan: Jasmine Rytting

Distance learning at EHS has made it difficult for students in grades 10-12 to meet the new freshmen. One freshman who made an impact on people at DHMS is Jasmine Rytting. Not many people stop to ask her about herself, so here is some information about this member of the Class of 2024.  


What activities do you do at EHS?

“I am a part of a robotics team called the Fellowship of the Spring (FOTS).  I’m also a part of the brass ensemble in the EHS band.”


What is something not a lot of people know about you?

“Something not a lot of people know about me is that I have met Barack Obama when he was President when I was a lot younger in Colorado. My dad worked on the security team for Air Force One. He was in the military. I shook his hand and stuff. He said he liked the zebra-striped sunglasses I’d been wearing that day. After meeting him, my family and I got a tour of the Air Force One.”


What is something that you enjoy doing in your free time?

“Stuff I enjoy doing in my free time includes reading! I love to read and am willing to read all genres except realistic fiction. One of my favorite books is the Alice Network. I’m also currently reading Six of Crows, which is really good.”


What is something that you have an interest in doing after you graduate from EHS?

“I don’t have any definite ideas or plans for what I want to do, but I think being a pilot might be fun. You get to travel, see the world. I definitely don’t want a desk job, or a job where I do the exact same thing every day. I’d also want a job that helps people, a job that I could be excited to do because I know I’m making a difference.”

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