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Teach Speech: Promoting Public Speaking in Schools

November 27, 2017

The power of speech is arguably the most effective capability we have. From being verbose and eloquent to clumsy and awkward, it is an important tool that deserves to be focused and refined upon.

Teach Speech Initiative essentially advocates for more public speaking courses in schools

— Tram Nguyen

A nationwide initiative called “Teach Speech” is intent on doing just that by promoting public speaking courses in school curriculums. Among its supporters are two presidents and state offices as well as Tram Nguyen who has been selected as the Minnesota representative. She described that the “Teach Speech Initiative essentially advocates for more public speaking courses in schools”.

Areas, such as District 196, that are known for accomplished Speech and Debate teams which can partially be attributed to required public speaking courses. Nguyen states these courses are “creating the well-spoke and amplified voices of MSHSL Speech and Debate. However, not every student in Minnesota has this opportunity.”

With these disparities it can potentially set some at a disadvantage in anything from interviews to presentations. In order to better prepare students for utilizing the power of speech, providing a course that mandates it’s attention is the best way to do so. The Teach Speech Initiative plans “to spark dialogue in our local government and to incorporate more public speaking curriculum in high-schools” explained Tram Nguyen.

Nguyen also voiced that in Minnesota, the primary area where Teach Speech is being promoted is in the Twin Cities. Areas such as St.Paul and Minneapolis have larger populations and assumedly more students. The Teach Speech initiative would have its greatest impact in Minnesota if it is successful there first.

This nationwide initiative advocates for public speaking courses in schools curriculum. Teach Speech promotes the power of speech in a beneficial way that can very well shape our reputations.

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