Boys’ Basketball

How is the team looking this season?

Cam Lachance: “I think we’re looking strong. We’ve let the past define us, and that’s what everyone’s thinking we’re gonna [do], but we’ve put in a lot of work over the summer, and we’ve improved a lot.”

What are some milestones you hope to achieve?

Cam Lachance: “I think maintaining as many wins as losses would be a really good goal for us, just cause we’ve had some down years in the past. I mean getting to the section championship, even state, would be a huge goal, but I think we’ve put in the work and it’s possible.”

Who are some people to look out for?

Cam Lachance: “I think that’s the thing about our team this year, is there’s not one person that you can solely look at that’s gonna be a huge part. Everyone’s gonna be a huge part is what I’m trying to say. If one person has a good game one game, you can defend him but then someone else would step up the next game. I think that’s a huge benefit to our team this year.”

What sets you apart from other teams in the conference?

Cam Lachance: “I think we do the fundamentals really well. Dig in on defense, push the ball down the court, making our shots, and that’s gonna be a huge part against teams like Apple Valley and Lakeville North. We need to be able to dig in for long sessions.”

What is the most anticipated game?

Cam Lachance: “I anticipate them all personally. I don’t think there’s one that’s worth more than others. Obviously, to beat a team like Apple Valley and Lakeville North would be amazing, so games like those, but I mean we can’t expect to win.”

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