Sydney McGinn

Dance Team

How’s the team looking this season?

Josie Champlion: “We’re looking really good. We have a lot of new members, so we also have a lot of new stuff we are trying to figure out.”

Bree Olsen: “The team is looking pretty well as of right now. We just need to get our kinks out for our first competition.”

What are some milestones you hope to achieve?

Josie Champlion: “Definitely going to state for kick and also just bonding as a team; that’s really important for us to be successful.”

Bree Olsen: “Our team hopes to go to state this year. We haven’t gone to state in a very long time because our conference is really tricky, and we were really close last season. We were only one away, but we got moved to a new section which is an easier section, so we know it’s doable.”

What teams are you on the lookout for?

Josie Champlion: “Eastview for sure.”

Bree Olsen: “Probably Henry Sibley and Spring Lake Park. They’re definitely the big two.”

What sets you apart from other teams in the conference?

Josie Champlion: “I think our bond as a team is very strong. And our overall love for dance!”

Bree Olsen: “We are a really dedicated team, so we just are always working our hardest, and I know that sounds really generic, but it’s really true. We just have a love for the sport.”

What is your most anticipated event of the season?

Josie Champlion: “State, if we make it there. It’s definitely a very exciting time.”

Bree Olson: “Probably sections, which is in February. It’s a week before state. That’s basically who gets to go to state and who doesn’t. It’s our biggest competition.”

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