Antonio Ruiz

Team Handstands at Practice


How’s the team looking this season?

Danielle Johnson: “We have a lot more girls than we were expecting, so we have a lot of tumblers and gymnasts and a lot of new girls. I think that the season is going to go really well.”

Shannah Howland: “We are actually looking really good. We did these yoga sessions before, so people are actually in shape. It should be a fun season.”

What are some milestones you hope to achieve?

Danielle Johnson: “Our goal this year is to make it to state as a team. Each year they switch up sections and this year we aren’t paired with the same section so we think we have a good shot this year.”

Shannah Howland: “Our big thing this year is going to state. It’s going to be our season-long goal.”

Who are some teams to look out for?

Danielle Johnson: “Our number one competitor is going to be East Ridge. They’ve won three years in our section and they are still in our section but Rosemount isn’t. Also, Eastview and Apple Valley have become a co-ed team so that will have to look out for.”

Shannah Howland: “I think our main competition at sections this year is going to be Eastview and East Ridge.”

What sets you apart from other teams in the conference?

Danielle Johnson: “I think it’s how close we are as a team. We do a lot of team bonding and we get along very well together and we really do encourage each other to push ourselves.”

Shannah Howland: “I really like the way that we have depth on our team. We have a lot of kids that can compete. I like the way that we really support each other.”             

What is the most anticipated event this season?

Danielle Johnson: “I’m excited to get back on the floor and just tumble again. It’s going to be a great last year.”

Shannah Howland: “I’m excited for floor personally, but we do an out-of-town meet that’s really fun because we get to have a team sleepover.”

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