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As the class of 2019 gets ready to part ways with Eagan High School, their experience at EHS, what they learned from it, and the impact they have made will never be forgotten. With every end comes a beginning, and as our seniors take off to college, work, military training, and everything in between they have a few words of parting wisdom. 


High school is often reminisced as “the best four years” of someone’s life in the movies. For Maggie Murphy, the best part was “participating in the amazing race and homecoming week festivities.” EI staff member Aarushi Sen says her favorite part of high school was “definitely meeting people with similar interests through all the clubs and activities I was part of.” Jared Dawson’s factory part was “the time [he’s]  spent on the swim team, they are [his] brothers and second family. Amber Krahn’s favorite parts were “all the relationships you build with teachers and other students and the memories you make at football games.” EI staff member Addie Stern says “all the clubs [she] got involved with” were her favorite parts of her high school experience.” 


While high school seems to be all fun and games from the outside, students know the stress, pressure, and thousands of hours of hard work that comes with it. For Murphy, “the worst part of high school was the one tri of APUSH [she] took sophomore year.” Sen adds on to the distaste for the high school stress saying her “least favorite part was all the stress that came with homework/tests.” Adding to the trend, Dawson’s least favorite part was his many AP tests in his junior year. Krahn also wishes she “didn’t stress about all the little things.” Stern agreed, adding that “school came with stress and tests.” 


Last words of advice from Maggie: “If I gave someone advice about high school I would say don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with as much confidence in yourself as possible because great and unexpected things can come from it. Thank you to every student and faculty member for having such a positive impact on my journey.”


Last words of advice from Aarushi: “If I could change anything, I would probably procrastinate less so I wouldn’t have so much stress. My advice to underclassmen and freshmen is to make sure to challenge yourself throughout high school, but remember that your mental health and self-care are important. I had a lot of good times and new experiences at Eagan and it played a big role in shaping me.”


Last words of advice from Jared: “Just remember that while school and grades are important, after high school you won’t see a lot of people from Eagan anymore so make the most of your time while you’re here.” 


Last words of advice from Amber: “Enjoy every moment because four years go way faster than you would think. Don’t worry about the things that seem super big; in the long run, they won’t matter as much as they seem to.” 


Last words from Addie: “Get involved.”

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