I did juice cleanse for a day; here’s how it went

As diet culture and pop culture change and evolve together through the vast world of social media, tons of new trends promoting unsafe and unhealthy eating habits have developed. Whether it be the Instagram famous Flat Tummy Tea, or appetite suppressing lollipops made famous by Kim Kardashian, these new trends seem to be making the body positive movement take one step forward and two steps back. These new diet fads are also incredibly expensive, specifically the notorious juice cleanse. So naturally I decided to try one. 


At first thought, a juice cleanse might not sound half bad. That’s what I thought too. I had been interested in doing a cleanse for quite some time when I got an email from JUS by Julie promoting a sale they were having. A sale sounds like a treat and all, but the cleanse was still $66 for two days! My mom said she would split it with me so we could each do one day, and we decided to do it. 


When the day of the cleanse came I was pretty excited while my mom was pretty much dreading it. The website told me to drink one of the six juices every two hours in order from 1-6, and drink lots of water, so I wasn’t worried about being hungry all that much. 


I drank my first two juices, which were actually pretty good (minus the burning in the back of my throat after Spicy Lemonade). It was time for my third juice at 1 p.m. and I’m not being dramatic when I say it was the worst thing I have ever consumed. The juice was a blend of spinach, romaine lettuce, dates, chia seeds, a bunch of different spices, apples, and protein powder. Sounds delicious, right? I would drink one sip at a time, refraining myself from gagging. I was drinking it so slow that by the time I was supposed to be drinking my next juice I was not even a quarter of the way done. I ended up not drinking the third juice because I quite literally could not handle it, but the last three were all pretty amazing, though anything would be compared to juice #3. 


Overall, I have to say the day wasn’t half bad. With all the liquids I was having I didn’t get hungry at all throughout the day, and actually felt really full at some points- like that almost “sloshy” feeling you get when you drink too much water. The hardest part by far is that pretty much by 4:00 I was sick and tired of drinking. I just honestly wanted some solid food, but there were moments when I just contemplated not drinking the rest of the juices and just having water for the rest of the day instead. But, I managed to make it through the day and while I’m not sure if I would full on recommend it to anyone, I don’t think it was the worst experience I’ve ever had. The next day when I woke up I felt like I probably could have lasted more than one day on the cleanse, but am not super eager to test that theory. However, I would definitely say it is not worth the money. I felt like the exact some person I was the day before the cleanse. So if you’re interested and you have money and nothing to do with it, go for it. Fair warning though, not all juices are created equally (especially juice #3).

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