Eagan Debate Conquers at State Tournament

While the majority of EHS students enjoyed their Friday free from the pressure of academics after finals, our debate team competed in the JV/Novice State Tournament. Debaters from everywhere across the state came to participate at the two day tournament hosted by Eagan High School providing many fierce competitors. Rounds began at 3 PM on Friday and didn’t conclude until 9:30. Although a highly stressful evening, debaters were excited for the following day.

On Saturday morning the Debate team was up and at it again, by 8 AM. Around noon, debaters learned whether or not they “broke”, meaning they had more rounds to compete in that would determine their placing. Eagan had at least two novice teams of each format breaking and moving forward in the tournament along with a multitude of JV members.

While exciting, this weekend also included frustrating moments for debaters, Aidan Averbakh a novice Policy debater expressed his irritation as his opponents “dropped both of my turns [arguments made from the opposition then turned to benefit one’s case] and won”, as well as octofinalist Lincoln-Douglas member Ashley Chen when her judges “didn’t understand the specifics of my argument”. Yet others such as John Novack only were displeased when concessions ran out of Subway.

All of the nerves and everything that comes into it makes it a very difficult tournament.”

— Mr.McDonald

Eagan ended the tournament with a new record as Policy placed first and second in the novice division for the first time. Congress, Public Forum, and Lincoln-Douglas members had several spots taken among the rank making it an overall exceptional tournament. Chris McDonald, also known as “Doobs” expressed his pride for Eagan being able to thrive considering it’s “tough when you tag on the fact that it’s the end of season state tournament for JV and Novice debaters, all of the nerves and everything that comes into it makes it a very difficult tournament”. Many debaters were satisfied if not overjoyed with their showing including Ashley Chen who stated she was “very much pleased”. Given Eagan’s outstanding performance Lizzy Sabel, a varsity Policy member that judged the tournament rightfully said “I’m pretty proud of my team”.

Antonio Ruiz