2023 Medallion Hunt Clues and Info

What is it? A school sponsored search for a medallion hidden somewhere around the school. Modeled after the St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion hunt.

What do I look for? A dollar sized round disc with the medallion hunt logo on it. The medallion may be on its own or inside of something else.

When can I look for it? Before or after school. Please do not leave class, lunch, PAWS, or study hall to look for it.

Where do I look? In or on the yellow boundary line on the medallion map.  It may be hidden inside or outside of the school though it is in or on the yellow line. 

What happens if I find it? Bring the medallion to the office. They will confirm its validity and contact the clue writer. You will receive a $100 gift card and a $50 lunch for you and your friends at school from any restaurant in a 15 mile radius.

Who can win? The winner must be an Eagan High School student. Teachers, staff members, parents, middle schoolers, siblings that don’t attend EHS, and others outside the school cannot win. They can, however, assist students with ideas of where to look.

When was the medallion hidden? Over winter break.