Ask Karly

Karly Kaufman, Features Editor

My grades are slipping and none of the studying I’ve tried has helped. How should I study?

     It depends on the subject. If it’s math or certain sciences, the best is to practice problems and try to figure them out. For foreign languages, other sciences, English, social studies, flashcards are a very useful studying tool. Another would be to rewrite notes, as it is easier to remember things when you write them down. And remember to take the time to study, and have breaks, and have time to relax afterwards.

I’m stressed out from school, any methods of relaxation/calming down do you know?

     Listening to music, napping, hanging out with friends, eating (because who doesn’t love food), go to Indigo Tea, etc. The key to not being stressed is having good time management to do the things you like to do. But those are just some things I like to do when I’m stressed.

Do I dress to impress or dress comfortably?

     It’s all personal preference. I don’t think people really care about how you dress. It’s however you feel or want to look. No should tell you what to wear, except you.

A lot of people are so focused on high school and act like it is all life will ever be, what do I do to change their minds/not think like that myself?

     Well high school certainly is not everything, nor will it matter as you start to grow up. There will always be those people who think high school is the most important time in your life, but I disagree. Just make sure you know that there is more to life than just high school, and you shouldn’t worry so much about it.

What do you do when you want to be friends with someone, but you don’t want to lower their social status?

     First of all, social classes should not matter. I don’t know why high school students think it’s a hierarchy; this isn’t 17th century Europe. It’s high school, a place to learn, to gather experiences, to find things that interest you. Take a wild chance and talk to that person. People are genuinely nice, so I don’t think you should be super nervous about talking to another human being. And if that person is seriously worried about their social status, they need to reevaluate their life, because we’re all humans and deserve to be treated the same way as any other person.