AP Tests Loom Closer

Erin Burns, Features Writer

In the halls, during class, and after school you can find many Eagan High School students with their eyes glued to the books. With AP testing coming up it’s time to start cracking down on the studying. EHS offers a variety of Advanced Placement courses in which students can receive college credit for passing an exam.The tests take place during a two week period of time, from May 5th to the 9th. Some of the most popular courses include AP Calculus, which is mostly seniors, and AP Language, which is mostly juniors. Sophomores taking APUSH are also subject to taking the exam.

Because of the benefits to passing  this test, students study very hard to do well. The tests are scored on a scale 1-5, where 3 and up is a passing score and college credits will be given.

“I studied one to two hours per night for about a month and it really paid off in the end” shared Luke Abbott, a junior who took the APUSH exam last year. “For people going into that test, I recommend to study and be prepared. I think it helps to study with a group.”

          Dr. Copeland advises his students to start early. He also holds 6 a.m. review sessions, which Junior, Rayyaan Usmani added were very helpful to him last year. Studying seems to be the key for these tests. Senior Tyler Huusko also explained that “getting a good nights sleep and breakfast is very important for test day.”

For a lot of people, these AP tests add loads of stress to an already filled schedule so finding time to study can be hard. Alicia Hauser, a Senior and AP veteran advises test takers to “know in advance when your AP test is coming up and study accordingly, it ends up being closer than you think.”

         Hopefully some of this advice will help students prepare to take these exams and quiet down their nerves. Good luck to all Eagan High School students during those two weeks. And don’t forget to take a few breaks in between the hours of studying.