Spring Break Adventures

Karly Kaufman, Features Editor

As we say good-bye to spring break, we say hello to the long haul of school days and AP testing. But fortunately, we still have the memories that Spring Break 2014 brought us. Here are some recaps as to what people did while away from school:



If you’ve seen many tan people around the halls, it may be because many students took a trip to Mexico! With nice weather all week long, there was no reason not to love it there. Whether it was lying out in the sun, or getting to swim in the ocean, these students certainly had a good time while on break.



The choir students took a trip to Italy! One of the oldest European countries to date, these students definitely got an experience of a lifetime. They traveled to Rome, Sorrento, Orvieto, and a few smaller towns along the Amalfi Coast, and the Isle of Capri. Junior Lizzie Sandstrom and Abby Ross said Sorrento and Capri were their favorite. Both places had elegant restaurants and shops. Everything was right next to the ocean and it was such a beautiful place to be in.


France and Spain:

Students from the Spanish and French classes traveled to Europe to learn more about the language they were taking. This was a very fortunate opportunity, as it allowed these students to experience a different culture in another country. From the long hours of touring, to the amazing food they tasted, and the family stays, the trip gave a new meaning to memories that will last a lifetime. Junior, Julia Yelle, said her favorite part about the trip was seeing an actual Spanish festival with her family. She regularly talks to her host family and really enjoyed being immersed in a different culture. The French students got to experience the magnificent art located in Le Louvre and also climb the Eiffel Tower. Many of these students said they would go back in a heartbeat.



Well this cold tundra we call home definitely lived up to its name. It snowed a few times throughout the week off, though most of it melted by the end of the day. While a good portion of our school was on trips, many students stayed behind and enjoyed the laziness of the week. Catching up on rest and T.V. shows were certainly a highlight to many.


Whether you were on a trip across the world or just right here at home, I hope everyone had a great spring break! Sadly, we must immerse ourselves back to the five-day school weeks, but hopefully the memories made on spring break won’t leave.