Prama Alert!

Mandy Noethe, Features Writer

Even though prom is a bit of a distance away, with about a month left to go, prama is already starting to creep up behind the students at EHS. Prama is a slang term that basically rolls prom and drama into one. Prama is seen by many as an underlying problem with the aggressive passive decision makers. Even though we may promise ourselves that we will never get ourselves tangled up in the demon that is prama, many people end up falling into that trap as soon as spring turns around the corner.

Prama is typically more common with the girls than it is with the guys, making it hard for guys to sometimes even find a  girl to ask. Prom is typically the biggest dance of the year, that usually excludes most sophomores and freshmen, therefore making it an upperclassmen event of the year. Being so close to graduation, it can cause a lot of unrelated stress to combine into one big monster of drama. Prama has multiple origins. Girls choosing the same dress, guys asking a different girl, couples leaving groups for other ones, and one of the nastiest ones- the extremely annoying couples inviting themselves into a group without asking. Prama can also be caused by late decision making. Picking a restaurant, a spot for pictures, and whether to go carpooling or to rent a limo are all decisions that groups must make prior to prom.

In order to avoid such late decision making that can cause extra un-needed prama, its important to keep these facts in mind early. Planning out groups early and remembering to keep an open mind is always important-prom should be something to look forward to, not something you’re going to end up regretting. Choosing restaurants and picture spots should be a group vote, not dominated by only a few people. Finding an after party a few weeks before prom starts is also something to keep in mind, no one wants to end up alone at the end of prom with no where to go but home. Many girls and guys have the same issue-wanting to go prom, but not having a date. Going with someone as friends may not be some people’s ideal setting, but it isn’t the end of the world and at least you’ll be comfortable with a friend rather than somebody you don’t know as well.

Prama will always be a part of Eagan High School and thousands of other schools, but let’s just remember what kind of memories we want to make while we’re all here. For many of the seniors, prom will be one of the last high school memories they’ll have before graduation, and it would be unfortunate for anyone to mess it all up with a bit too much prama.