Ask Karly: May Edition


Karly Kaufman, Features Editor

 1.I feel like I am slowly letting my grades fall because summer is almost here, what do I do?

Hang in there and keep at your schoolwork. Yes, summer is almost here but that also means you have to go through testing first. AP tests are passed, but finals are just around the corner, and even though you are in the mindset of summer, stick to school for now. Study with friends or try a new study area to keep you focused.

2.I want to go on a vacation with friends this summer, but don’t know where to go, any ideas?

A roadtrip is always a fun idea. It can even be a day trip to Wisconsin or Iowa or northern Minnesota. It doesn’t cost a lost and will be fun if you’re with your friends. Go to a friend’s cabin for a week. I usually do that and I always have a blast.

 3.I’m stressing out about prom and prama and I don’t feel like going anymore, what do I do?

Prom is one night, and you’ll have fun no matter what! Don’t get caught up in the drama or the details of the night. Just be excited you are going. Just be sure not to spend too much, as it is only for one night. But have fun!

 4. I haven’t looked at or toured many colleges yet, am I behind on my college search?

I wouldn’t say you are behind on your search, though you should start to look now. Summer is coming up fast and you should have a list of places you want to visit. You definitely want to have your touring done before fall of senior year, that way you aren’t stressing out or rushing to finalize your future school.

5. All my friends seem to want to do anymore involves spending money, though it’s not a lot at once, it can add up to be a lot. I’m too shy to bring it up, but I don’t want to spend any more, what do I do or say?

Just speak up and say something. I know it’s not always fun going against what everyone else is doing, but chances are they don’t want to be spending so much on nonessential items. They’ll understand.