The New Restaurant on the Block: Fiesta Cancun

Jenae Winter, Features Editor

The new restaurant Fiesta Cancun that has popped up in the small strip mall behind Cub and Walgreens just up Diffley from our very own Eagan High School is getting quite the hype. The first round of excitement was the initial wonder about when the restaurant would be opening. It turns out that the owners actually began moving in before the City of Eagan actually gave permission (oops!), but after the green light was finally given, now we have our new authentic Mexican dining place.

Walking in, it’s not a surprise that it took so long to open, as the design of the inner building is unique and extremely detailed. Immediately upon entering, it seems a tiny bit crowded, but the place opens up into what looks like part of a small village, complete with roof tops, canopies, strands of lights, and faux-stone buildings, as well as a mural of a background similar to the 3-D objects. It really is charming. Not only that, but the service is great. It’s an upbeat place, though it may seem small, there is quite the energetic atmosphere in there with the servers running around and joking with each other as they pass. Fiesta Cancun is a great place for a family outing, with large, open tables by the windows, or even a private meal with a significant other in one of the cozy booths in near the back of the restaurant.

Now, just the aura of the place is great, but the food is even better. With “authentic” being apart of the name, they really don’t disappoint. First of all, there is free homemade salsa and chips on the table that keep getting filled over and over, and it is fantastic. And who doesn’t love guacamole as an appetizer? (Though, it is not free like the salsa). From Pollo o Carne Asada a la Tempiqueña to a simple Burrito or Taco dinner, there are numerous and delicious meals just waiting, coming to the table still steaming and ready. There is a whole lunch menu with Chile Rellano and a Mini-Fajitas as well as classic Mexican desserts.

Overall, Fiesta Cancun gets my vote and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Even if Mexican food seems too spicy for some, there are plenty of meals that are mild and still very good. Out of five stars, this Fiesta Cancun receives four and a half, though that was only the first time I was there. There are so many options on the menu, it will take a few trips to really get a good idea.