What is: GSA?

Gay-Straight Alliance

National symbol for LGBTQ+

National symbol for LGBTQ+

Mandy Noethe , Features Writer

Eagan High School is certainly known for their activities such as our athletics, different types of bands and choirs, the speech and debate teams, and of course our academics. Although these activities are incredibly important and high up on social standards, there is a lot more to the school than everybody gives or gets credit for. The GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club is somewhat new to Eagan. GSA is primarily student-run, but Ms. Terhark and Ms. Farnsworth are the club’s advisors. The student leaders are Naomi Kolb and Skylar Harcourt.

There have been multiple attempts to start GSA Club in the past, most of which have failed to result in a long-lasting club. However, the current GSA group was started last spring and is still standing strong. There have been multiple attempts to start up a GSA club in the past, most of which have failed to result in a long standing club. However the current GSA club was created last spring and is still standing strong. At club meetings, which are on Wednesdays in Farnsworth’s room (132), the club is a source of education and support for LGBTQ+ people and topics. “This club is open to anyone that identifies as LGBTQ+, knows someone who is LGBTQ+, is interested in the gay community or wants to be more educated about LGBTQ+ people and issues. It’s a group for support and education. Anyone seeking either or both of those things is welcome,” explained Kolb.

It’s a group for support and education.”

— Naomi Kolb

LGBTQ+ stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning.” Other genders included in GSA support and education include asexuality, androgynous, ally, intersex, pansexual, and more. Clubs like these can help reach out to those that have felt a sting from homophobia, and it can also help educate those who don’t know about it, but would be interested in learning more.

The club doesn’t have a set amount of people, as anyone is welcome to come at whatever time in the year. “Unlike most clubs, we don’t have a roster or a set number of members. People come and go from our meetings as they please; sometimes we have 5 people attend and sometimes we have 30,” stated Naomi. This facilitates the opportunity to offer support and to learn more about LGBTQ+.

Although Eagan AM and other advertisers of the school spend their time on sports, band, and theatre, clubs like GSA deserve equal attention. As for the other clubs here at EHS, they serve to help, support, and educate individuals in need. GSA is still standing tall, and will hopefully be staying at EHS.