Transformation Tuesday

Can you guess this weeks smiley baby?

Can you guess this week’s smiley baby?

Mandy Noethe, Features Writer

1. Do you play any sports?
Sure, I play lots of sports. I play golf, basketball, track, soccer, baseball… Now the real question is, am I any good at these sports…

2. Do you work anywhere?
I work at the Regal Movie Theater in Eagan. Live, Love, Regal. I also just got a job at Nike at the outlet mall!

3. What was the best day of your life?
When I walked out of the doors of middle school… For good.

4. Weirdest dream you ever had?
When I gave Mr. McDonald a parking ticket.

5. Favorite Restaurant?
A restaurant I forgot the name of, but it borders the Mediterranean Sea in Casis, France. I’ve only eaten there twice, but it was the best freaking smoked salmon pasta I’ve ever had.

6. Do you have any pets?
I have a pet parrot named Rio, and he’s featured in a lot of my Tweets. His breed is a Green Cheeked Conure. He likes people food more than his bird seeds and his favorite thing to do is to tip over cups and drink orange juice out of them.

7. Favorite vacation spots?
Anywhere that’s not school. But in particular, I love San Diego, California and also Regal.

8. Favorite video game?
I spend too much time on video games (I need a life). I’m a big fan of Nintendo, And some of my favorite video games are Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, COD, FIFA… Who am I kidding you’re probably already bored reading this so I’m not gonna keep the list going.

9. Favorite food?
This list could go a lot longer than the list of my favorite video games… So I’ll just keep it short and sweet, Chipotle is Life

10. Favorite Halloween costume you ever wore?
My mom helped make me a Red Lego Brick costume when I was around 10. It was a killer costume; the ladies just couldn’t keep their eyes off me that night.

11. Worst gift you ever got?
Buckets to “clean up all the crap in my room” with

12. Most embarrassing moment?
Middle School. All of middle school. That or when Isaiah Pritzl tripped me in front of Kovach’s class when I was on crutches sophomore year.

13. Play any instruments?
I’ve played the trumpet since elementary school! My goal is to be Eric Elert or Gavin Brehm. I also play a little bit of drum set! My favorite composer is Hans Zimmer because he makes insane music for movies like Inception and The Dark Knight!

14. Favorite animal?
I love frogs. They have unreal hops. They’re also amphibians. Living in water and on dry land? That’s just B.A.

15. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I would probably choose super strength, because being a stick and all. I’ve never really experienced these mysterious things people call “muscles.” I could also move people who walk too slowly in front of me in the hallways.

16. Favorite holiday?
Leif Erikson Day

17. Scariest thing you’ve ever done?
It’s a toss up between doing the mile run or looking in the mirror.

18. Best thing about high school?
It’s not middle school.

19. Any phobias?
Bibliophobia, the fear of books. School probably gave me that one. I’ve also got one I like to call Cleanatheaterphobia, the fear of cleaning movie theaters.

20. Any hobbies?
Oooh I’ve got lots of those! Hmm let me think… Well there’s Tweeting, Netflix, Video games… Ehh let me get back to you on that one…

This week's Transformation Tuesday is Tyler Baillif!
This week’s Transformation Tuesday is Tyler Baillif!