Word in the Halls: Thanksgiving Food

What’s Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?


Abby Cecka, Features Writer

With endless amounts of family traditions and food, we asked some Eagan students what their favorite Thanksgiving food is. Check back next week for another Thanksgiving Word in the Halls!

Mackenzie Thelen, 10th
“Mashed potatoes with gravy.” -Mackenzie Thelen, 10th grade
Maddie Westenberg, 9th grade
“Marshmallow sweet potatoes.” -Maddie Westenberg, 9th grade
Jacob Elafandi, 12th
“Stuffing.” -Jacob Elafandi, 12th grade
Mrs. Carthey, English teacher
“Sage and onion stuffing.” -Mrs. Carthey, English teacher
Carisa Florendo, 9th
“Chicken.” -Carisa Florendo, 9th