The Truth About Snow Days

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

Snow days are no stranger to Eagan High School, but the logistics behind them can be quite the mystery. Some students heard that snow days occur with a minimum of six inches of snow. Others believe there is a specific temperature that we must reach. All rumors of how snow days are put into motion can soon be put to rest, as most of them are just that, rumors.

In fact, as of late, a rumor has been gracing the halls of EHS, stating that if no more than twenty-five Minnesota schools are cancelled in the event of an excessive amount of snow or cold, Eagan, subsequently, cannot cancel school either.

This has been proven untrue. Mr. Fritze of the counseling office explains this; “No, [that is] not true at all. We make our own decisions based on our own students’ safety.” The schools of other districts have little to no impact on the snow days in Eagan.

With this in mind, how is it decided whether there will be a snow day or not? Mr. Fritze discloses this, as well, “The Superintendent of the school and district leaders will meet with the director of education and make a decision based on the safety of students.” Throughout this meeting, the adults in these leadership positions keep in mind the bus routes and whether students should be allowed to drive themselves to school that day. “The biggest hassle in all of canceling school is getting the bus company.” Fritze elaborates. “The bus companies are limited and drivers have to be called in and out.”

Another difficulty that comes with calling off school is gauging the amount of snow yet to come. Although weather conditions may seem alright in the morning, by the time school lets out in the afternoon the temperatures might have lowered and the snowfall might have heightened. Numerous things are taken into account when making a decision as to whether a snow day should occur.

We make our own decisions based on our own students’ safety.

The school district will typically make an announcement as early in the morning as possible, usually by 5:00 A.M., and then promptly notify the media, update the school website, and make any necessary phone calls. As for any snow day predictions for the upcoming winter, Mr. Fritze says, “I sure hope there are some snow days! They are always a nice break.”