Shia LeBeouf Watches His Movies


LeBeouf’s reaction to seeing himself on screen

Paige Dresow, Features Editor

On November 10, 11, and 12 of 2015, actor Shia LaBeouf watched all of the movies that he was featured in. LaBeouf rented out a movie theater in Manhattan, New York, and the star let Manhattan residents in for free. Labeouf livestreamed for people who couldn’t go and watch the films. The livestream only showed his reactions to the movies. LaBeouf was shown laughing, crying, and even sleeping.

LeBeouf watched all of his 27 feature films, including all three transformers movies, The Evens Stevens Movie, and the film LaBeouf acted in at just 12 years old–Breakfast with Einstein. The artwork piece was called #AllMyMovies. This is not his first artwork project; in February of 2015 he sat in a Los Angeles gallery where people would enter a room with Shia LaBeouf sitting down with a paper bag over his head. That project was called #IAmSorry.

Antonia Mcgill, a junior at EHS, watched some of LaBeouf’s livestream. She said that there was no audio, but that it was funny to watch when the the audience would try to secretly get into the livestream camera. Sophomore Nautica Flowers watched some of it as well, and she thought that the emotions LaBeouf showed were very interesting and funny. Both students thought that the livestream was a good idea, and a way to get LaBeouf more out there and differ himself from other celebrities.