SES Option for Juniors and Seniors

SES Option for Juniors and Seniors

Greta Jonas, Features Writer

Along with the cold, the holidays, constant academic rigor, and enrollment of classes for the following year, trimester two brings along the tough decision for sophomores on whether they wish to become a student at the School of Environmental Studies.  The School of Environmental Studies opened in 1995 with the goal of having a smaller, more effective learning environment as well as creating a strong relationship between humans and their surroundings. Wynne Hetherington, a junior at SES, mentioned that she “thinks the smaller classes allow the students to really get to know each other and create a sense of community within the school.”

The school is part of Independent School District 196 and allows students from around District 196 to attend the school during their junior and senior years. Students who attend the school will take part in a hands on learning environment, meant to immerse the students in topics and issues concerning environmental studies. Leanne St. Martin, a sophomore interested in SES, commented, “The hands on learning experiences and unique opportunities” interested her most. Students are often working alongside professionals in their fields and leave the school feeling optimistic for the future.

“The teaching style really works for [her], instead of just memorizing answers for a multiple choice test [she’s] being taught how to think on [her] own.” Wynne stated. “You should just try it. A lot of people think it’s a make or break decision but the reality is that you can always change your mind if you don’t like it, but if you do like it, it will probably be the best decision you ever make.” 

Applications are due December 21st for those who have yet to apply.