New Clubs At the Wescott Library

New Clubs At the Wescott Library

Zhen Tu, Features Writer

 In the upcoming months, the Wescott library is offering a club for Anime lovers and a club for avid young writers. The teen librarian at the Wescott library, Shea Peeples, provided some information about the two upcoming events.

   In Anime Club, attendees receive the chance to watch various anime films, such as feature length films by Hayao Miyazake, a distinguished Japanese film director. Some of the films that have been shown in the past include Spirited Away, The Secret World of Arrietty, and My Neighbor Totoro. One of the most well-known anime classics, Isao Takahata’s Grave of the Fireflies, is also being shown, along with Pokemon!

   While the films are being shown, participants are often offered manga drawing books and can socialize together. There may also be chances to engage in educational activities, such as learning some Japanese and participating in an anime/manga trivia contest. After the debut of the Wescott maker space this summer, participants will be able to produce their own manga and anime creations using software. Furthermore, attendees may also receive free manga books from the library shelves. In the words of Shea, Anime Club is “is a place for young people to connect around a shared interest, create together and have fun.”

   The Young Writers Group started back in 2008, and the format for the meetings has followed a standard routine. Contributors write a short but structured piece and then the group gets together to discuss different elements of writing, such as plot, voice, and characterization. Poetic elements like alliterations, metaphors, and certain forms are also examined on a close level. Participants are encouraged but are not required to share their piece of writing with the rest of the group. A collaborative writing game called “Consequences” is also often played during these events.