Traffic Jams in EHS Hallways

Traffic Jams in EHS Hallways

Greta Jonas, Features Writer

No matter how hard we try to dodge the people who randomly stop in the middle of the halls, the couples who obviously don’t understand that PDA is indecent, and those kids that walk so impossibly slowly that you genuinely start to wonder if they’ve been hit by a crazy super villain gun that makes them go through life in slow motion, it’s almost impossible. But walking through the halls isn’t only hard because of the people who don’t know how to walk, it’s also the fault of how the halls are actually designed. Here are a few places in the school where some changes should be made:

The main stairwell: The main stairwell is a nightmare and as much as you may try to avoid it, sometimes it’s an absolute necessity. Not only are there a large amount of people filing in and out of that area but there are people coming from several different directions. This creates an uncomfortable situation that often leads to pushing and shoving just to get to your next class on time.

The lunchroom: The entrance and the exit to the lunchroom are in close proximity, both filtering into the same cramped hallway. This causes a large clump of people all pushing in different directions, just slowing diffusing from the area. But once entering the lunchroom and getting through  the large mass of people you run into a completely different problem: the cafeteria. Because of the recent switch around with the sandwich line the entrance to the cafeteria moves so slowly and everyone is so close together that you can’t help but wonder whether it’s not the design of the cafeteria that’s lacking but just the actual size of it.
The back hallway: The hallway at the back of the school on the first floor, near Copeland and Brook, seems like an unlikely candidate for a traffic jam and a lot of the time it’s empty. But right after the bell rings, it becomes one busiest places in the school. Similar to the others, the main problem is that there are people coming and leaving in so many different directions and not enough room for them to move fluidly. The two four way intersections are so busy and hard to get through that they might as well just put a stoplight in there so that people can get through easier.