Halloween Themed Recipes

Photo courtesy of Wallpapers For U

Photo courtesy of Wallpapers For U

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

Ah, yes. October. The tenth month of the year, but also the month of the spookiest celebration of the year-Halloween. Whether you will be sitting at home or trick or treating, you can enjoy these following Halloween themed snacks.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Odd
Photo courtesy of Dr. Odd



Step 1) Cut the banana in half.

Step 2) Remove the peel.

Step 3) Use something sticky such as peanut butter to stick on the chocolate chip eyes.




Photo courtesy of Its yummi
Photo courtesy of Its yummi

Jack-o-Lantern Bell Peppers

Step 1) Cut top off the pepper and remove the seeds

Step 2) Carve it-just like you would a pumpkin.

Step 3) Can put meat, or vegetables in it

Step 4) Cook meat and pepper in oven

Banana Art

Step 1) Using a sharp object, carve a design into the banana.

Photo courtesy of the Raise Foundation

Step 2) Leave it out for a few hours, or even overnight

Step 3) Retrieve the banana. The design you carved should now be brown in contrast to the rest of the banana.

But how does it work?

Warm temperatures cause bananas to ripen. The exposed inside caused by the carving will ripen even faster because of this, causing the brown color.

Remember to always be safe when handling knives!

Enjoy these tricks to make Halloween treats! Have a spooktacular Halloween!!