October Artist of the Month: Mila New

Cora Heinzen, News Writer

Mila New is an extremely musically talented junior here at Eagan, involved in choir and other musical productions through the school. She began her involvement from an early age, singing around her home and beginning piano lessons at age seven. She now regularly plays piano, ukulele, and guitar (though she has also learned how to play the recorder, clarinet, and violin).

Mila doesn’t just play music, she also writes her own songs. Her inspirations for writing are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. She describes their music as “so raw and beautiful, and that’s what I wanted my music to be.” Music is a big part of her life, and she admires the emotional aspect of it. “Music is a way to connect with people and to share feelings, thoughts, and ideologies.”

Music is extremely difficult to learn and create, and Mila is no stranger to that. “One can easily call me a perfectionist, and when it comes to music, everything needs to be absolutely perfect. I revise as I write – which is never a good idea – so many lyrics or instrumentals I’ve composed are lost, simply because I didn’t think they were good enough.”

As for what she hopes to accomplish, Mila wants to connect with people. “I want to produce music that can provide someone what they didn’t think they needed. I hope what I write and compose now can do that.”

Her soundcloud username is milanewmusic and her newest song Violet can be found here.