Falling into Fall Can Be SAD


Afeefa Ahmed, Features Writer

As winter nears us and we begin to leave behind the summer sun and fun, many of us get the case of the fall blues. Somehow the chill reaches our souls, shaking the poor things up. Let’s face it, we’re tired! But here are some tips on how to combat fall’s “fall,” while still enjoying the autumn weather and vibe.

1. Spend some you time
According to most studies, the number one way to feel better in general is to feel better about yourself. Take a relaxing bath, read a good book, or go out for a walk. Get in tune with your feelings and tell yourself it’s okay to feel down, it just means you’re healthy.

2. Sleep
Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But a lot of teenagers in high school forget that their body needs some rest too, away from books and screens. Sleep helps us and our bodies function, and if we get inadequate amounts of sleep we don’t do what we do well.

3. Stay organized
Declutter your mind and space, and make a schedule and space things out separately. Have a specified time set for all your activities and responsibilities so you aren’t left in a time crunch at the end and forced to be really stressed and pull all-nighters.

4. Spend quality time with friends and family
Relax and socialize! Too much studying or no social life can be harmful. Find some time in your day to talk with your family, text your friends, and have a good laugh. And maybe at the end of the week as a reward for working hard, go to a movie or throw a huge sleepover after finals. Give your heart a reward for investing its time into what’s important. It’ll thank you later.

5. Be positive
Emit a positive vibe, smile as much as you can. Life can be hard, we all get it, but know something will come out to be better from it. So take a deep breath, have a good chuckle, and conquer each issue with a smile.