Fall Back an Hour for Daylight Savings Time


Courtesy of inquisitr.com

Emily Ruta, Staff

This weekend, on November 6th, daylight savings time will end, giving everyone a nice extra hour of sleep. When daylight savings time begins it’s not fun to wake up an hour earlier, especially for teenagers. Because of this and other reasons, multiple proposals for ending daylight savings time have appeared, but the tradition continues.

Why did daylight savings time start, anyway? According to timeanddate.com, it was used by ancient civilizations, but it officially started in 1916 in Germany to save energy during WWI by having the soldiers get one extra hour of sleep. The practice started in the US in 1918 and is now used in every state except Arizona and Hawaii.

So this year, almost every state in the US will turn back their clocks when the time comes. The ending of daylight savings time will no doubt cause celebration for the extra hour of sleep. Monday will come as a refresher instead of a nightmare. If only we could sleep in all year long!