A Guide to EHS Sporting Events

Arunima Bhattacharya, News Writer

If there’s one constant among all of Eagan High School sports, it’s the support from Eagan students. From the energetic PIT at the volleyball games to the crazy Wildcats at each football game, it is clear that EHS doesn’t lack school spirit. It’s important for every fan to be a part of the spirited atmosphere surrounding sporting events. Now presenting the tips and tricks for supporting the Eagan Wildcats.

Check Twitter before games to coordinate your outfit.

@PitEagan tweets out the theme for our games, whether it be an Eagan Out, Pink Out, White Out, or some other clever theme. To make sure you blend in with the rest of the support section, know the dress code.

Cheer loud and proud, and follow the chants of the PIT captains. 

The student support section would not be what it is without the constant cheers that erupt across the entire student body. Show your support and cheer on your fellow Wildcats with loud chants of pride and encouragement

Stand in support.

Our PIT always standing in support of fellow Wildcats, so be ready to stand for a couple hours to cheer on the Eagan sports teams.

Be familiar with the school song.

The pep band plays the school song at Eagan games to represent Eagan High School, so it’s probably a good idea to know the tune so that you can hum along as the band rallies up the PIT.

Take pictures! These games are filled with high school memories you will want to remember.

Each and every game, win or lose, is a memory that students will keep for a long time to come. In order to solidify and look back at these memories, take pictures! Take pride in your memories as an Eagan Wildcat.

With these tips and tricks in your pocket, go out and show full support for the Eagan Wildcats. Go Eagan!