Finding Safety in Eagan High School

Cora Heinzen, News Writer

School safety in the United States has always been a concern for parents and students, and quite recently these fears have increased. At Eagan High School, there have been a lot of efforts made to help students feel safer. For example, signs showing support for students have been put up around the school, such as a sign saying, “Dear LGBT+ students, you are perfect just the way you are. YOU ARE LOVED!”

Recently a snapchat circulated with the caption “watch out on Monday [November 21]” featuring an EHS student holding an airsoft gun, though that was not known to the students who saw the image. After the many school shootings in United States history, it is easy to understand why students may have been afraid.

Tory Leventhal is a junior and a cheerleader at Eagan. She says that she feels “pretty safe, but there have been some incidents lately… [that] I don’t want to be at the school at all.” Tory has seen the signs in the halls, and she says that “yes,” they do make her feel better.

Alicia Smith is also an Eagan High School student, and though she feels fairly safe, it can be “situational.” She has heard about the snapchat with the airsoft gun. The signs make her feel happier, and she’s sure “others feel safer too.”

Tommy Edelman, another student, says he feels his safety at the school is a “6/10,” though he did not hear about the snapchat. He did see the signs and even though he “only really read one”, he thought they were nice.

Our school is safer than many others, though of course there will always be those who would rather be prejudiced than have a safe school. Eagan High School is trying to diminish prejudice among students by cracking down on bullying and telling everyone that they are loved. If we all respect and accept each other, we will create a safe and hopeful community that will help to make the world a better place.