Summer & Spring Styles


Lydia Dawson, Co-Editor in Chief

Summer is right around the corner (finally!!!), but it might not always feel like it with the AC at school running around the clock, and what can sometimes feel like actual wind in certain rooms. It’s difficult to dress with all the summer styles you want when the school temperatures are so drastically different than those outside, but there’s plenty of ways to look good and feel comfortable and confident at the same time.

When it comes to what’s “in,” senior Laura Post says, “Jeans skirts and overalls are definitely making comebacks.” In addition to these restored, once iconic trends, thrift shopping and vintage clothing have also become huge in the fashion world. “Those fancy, more feminine-looking shorts with ties on the front and those black and white, sort of plaid, vintage pants, and are all over, ” another senior, Katherine Wilmes, says.

As for men’s clothes, senior Jack Martin thinks it’s all about the minimalistic look for spring. “I like a lot of t-shirts with simple designs,” Martin says. He also notes that it’s important to stand out from the crowd, and urges students to, “Have one thing that sets [them] apart.”

Regarding the unpredictable temperatures of Eagan High School, Wilmes has some advice.

“If anyone is like me, and is cold all the time, like non-stop, wear layers!”, she encourages. “I like to wear long-sleeved shirts with t-shirts over them. It’s always easier to take off layers than to come up with extra clothes.”

One thing is unquestionable, however: fashion isn’t as important as feeling happy with your outfit.

“Whatever you wear, feel confident in it,” says Post. It’s hard not to get caught up in a world of styles, crazes, and “who are you wearing,” but Wilmes is certainly spot on when she says, “It’s all about confidence; knowing the trends just isn’t as important.”