Last-minute Halloween costumes

Katie Warnke, Features Editor

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Halloween is fast approaching! Unfortunately, most costumes can be time consuming to DIY and can cost big bucks to buy. These five last-minute Halloween costume ideas are easy to put together and can be made with items you already own, perfect for a last-minute, yet still trendy and cute, Halloween costume!


LaCroix Can

For this costume, all you need to do is grab a bright, solid-colored t-shirt and some colored paper, or use a colored printer if you have access to one.  You can look online for a picture to reference when making this costume. Take colored paper, preferably black or blue, and cut out letters resembling the LaCroix logo, or you can print letters out to save time.  Then glue or tape these letters onto the front of your solid shirt. Next, cut out some light blue paper in the form of waves and stick these on the bottom of the shirt, towards the left. Finally, for an added touch you can cut out some grey paper in the shape of a pop can tab and stick it onto a headband.  This costume is quick, easy, and trendy, plus it would work super well for groups!



This costume is so simple and requires no crafting.  Simply take some formal clothing from your closet, such as a nice dress or suit, and get dressed up! For an added touch grab some roses and your outfit is complete! This would also make a great couples costume.


Your Favorite Meme

“Meme day” is a popular theme day for spirit weeks in many high schools, but memes can also be made into a great last minute costume that everyone will love!  To make this costume, simply pick your favorite meme or vine and dress up like the person in it. You can also quote you favorite vine or meme when you’re wearing this costume!



This costume is super easy and can be made very quickly.  Take any neon, holographic, and/or green clothing items you have and put them on.  If you have long hair, you can put it up into two small “space” buns on the top of your head.  If you don’t have long hair, or want an added touch, you can make a headband out of materials such as pipe cleaners and tinfoil to represent antenna.  You can also put glitter on your face or wear colorful makeup to add to this look.


Your Favorite Athlete

This costume is one of the easiest yet.  Simply take a jersey or athletic wear, and pair it with the sports equipment of your favorite athlete’s sport. If you don’t have a jersey of the athlete you want, you can also make a jersey by cutting out their number and name and taping it on any shirt.  


With Halloween approaching quick, these costumes can give you great ideas for your night, whether you are going to a party, trick-or-treating, or just staying at home to pass out candy!