Creative pumpkin carving ideas


Avika Fleury, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, and the best way to get in the spirit is with some good old fashion pumpkin carving. Even if it’s just competing with your classmates, making a mess with your friends, or just using the leftover seeds to throw at your family members, pumpkin carving has been a Halloween tradition since forever. Whether you’re an expert carver or a just a beginner, here are the best (and spookiest) carving ideas out there to get you started this year:

The Traditional Scary Faces

Especially if you haven’t had much experience carving, go easy on yourself! Do the classic scary faces that will easily light up your Halloween world. Cut out some shapes for eyes and nose, but make the scariest mouth as possible. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to make it your own.

Black Cat

If faces aren’t your strong point, animals are just as festive! What better to do then a spooky cat? Print out a template of an easy cat face, or if you want to be challenged, a body of a cat. Draw out a template on the pumpkin with sharpie or any writing utensil, and carve away! Just be careful, and maybe get an adult to help you with the craving.

Friendly Pumpkins

Halloween isn’t all about scary stuff, carve out some funny or happy pumpkins! Like any of the traditional scary faces, you don’t necessarily need a template, so be creative and don’t feel like you need to be scary.


Many people like to create designs! You can use the carving knife, or some people use screwdrivers to create designs that will look so cool in the pumpkin light. Try some swirls, shapes, or dots. Have fun with it, but don’t forget to be careful.

Movie or TV Show Reference

Find your favorite movie or TV Show reference and stick it on there! Nothing else is a better conversation starter, and you might as well be as creative as can be! Find whatever outline you wish, whether it’s an object, a face, a person or celebrity, or a word, print out your best template. It’s best to use a template, or draw what your doing on the pumpkin first because it is easy to make a mistake. Don’t rush into it, and take time thinking about your carving idea.

Write it out!

Even though a picture may say a thousand words, one word can be just as creative! A lot of pumpkin carvers this year have created beautiful and awesome pumpkins with some cool lettering. You can choose a word that is important to you, a name, or just a scary Halloween word. Again, like I’ve said, be creative with it and don’t overthink it.

Have fun carving your pumpkins this year! Hopefully these ideas have you thinking about your next carving creation. Don’t forget to be safe while carving, and Happy Halloween!