Word in the halls: how do you celebrate the holidays?

Trinh Nguyen, Staff Writer

The Eagan High School student body is an amalgamation of those who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, among various others. With the holiday season finally here, students at EHS are itching to celebrate the holidays with all their unique traditions. Here are a few of them.


Riley Peterson, 11

“I get together with friends and family on Christmas Eve and have dinner there. On Christmas Day, I hang out with my close family.”


Sasha Kryazh, 10

“My family gets together on one of the Sundays during Hanukkah, get food, and play dreidel. It is always an intense battle with my siblings to see who gets the bragging rights.”


Sushma Shankar, 11

“I don’t celebrate the holidays. I just hang out with friends, eat, go to the mall, ice skate, get hot chocolate… and do some homework.”


Tori Gray, 12

“I have dinner with my extended family and play games.”


Sahitha Takkella, 11

“Well, we don’t really do much, but just put up a Christmas tree and open presents in the morning.”