Mixtape Monday: Studying songs

Katie Warnke, Features Editor

Finals season is here! Studying can be a long (and sometimes boring) process.  For many people, it’s hard to study in silence, but playing your favorite songs can be distracting.  Here are some playlists ( found on Spotify) to listen to while you study for your upcoming finals.


Your Favorite Coffeehouse – This playlist is a calm and relaxing playlist that is great in the background. The songs on this playlist do have lyrics, and are great for a less intense study session.


Easy Classical – For people who enjoy classical and instrumental music when studying, this playlist is a great compilation of classical songs.  


Peaceful Piano – If you like studying with piano in the background, this playlist is for you. It features a compilation of relaxing piano pieces.  


Deep Focus – As the name implies, this playlist is great for focus. The songs on this playlist are lyric free but are still calming and upbeat background tunes.


White Noise – If you’re someone who doesn’t like listening to music when you study, but still would like to drown out background noise for better focus, this playlist is for you. It features a variety of white noise for focus.  


Intense Studying – This playlist features a variety of instrumental songs to play in the background of your study session. The song are relaxing, but also intense enough to keep you engaged.  


Mellow Beats – This playlist features uplifting songs that are composed of beats and rhythms, with minimal lyrics. If you like background music, but have a hard time studying to something more relaxed like instrumental or acoustic, this is a great playlist.  


Mellow Mood – On this playlist you will find a variety of songs that have calm beats and are relaxing but still upbeat.  Many of the songs on this playlist have lyrics and would be considered pop or indie, but with slow tempos and relaxed compositions.  


Musical Therapy – The songs on this playlist are calming and chill. The playlist is great to listen to when you are feeling stressed while studying, or a great playlist to listen to if you need to take a break and relax.  


Acoustic Calm – This playlist features a variety of acoustic music that has a mix of songs with lyrics and songs that are simply instrumental. This is a great playlist to listen to featuring some songs you may recognize, but instrumental to give off a more relaxed vibe.