Horror movies to spook you this Friday the 13th


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Friday the 13th is fast approaching and just as spooky as ever.  Here’s a list of the best horror movies ranked from fun to terrifying that you could watch to celebrate this spooky occasion. 


No Spooks Here:


Who doesn’t love Casper? This classic Halloween movie is about a friendly ghost, Casper, who helps a man and his daughter find their mothers’ ghosts. Casper is an incredible movie for all ages.


The Adams Family

This movie, based on the popular TV show, is about a bizarre family and their quest to find out if a family member is really who he says he is. This quirky movie is a little frightening but it’s sure to bring the laughs.



Although this is an animated movie, it’s sure to give you the creeps. Coraline is a girl who moves to a new house notices a little passageway to a parallel universe. This movie is perfect for a laid back night and won’t keep you awake at night.  

A Little Spooky:


This iconic movie is perfect for someone who likes fun yet spooky movies. When a family moves into the house of a deceased couple, a ghost is told to scare the owners away. This wacky movie filled with fun songs and many amazing costumes and is a great choice for a movie night. 


Happy Death Day

This thriller slasher movie is full of jumpscares.  A college girl is forced to live one day of life, her death day, over and over many times. She must find her killer and stop them from killing her again before she permanently dies. This comedic, thrilling movie is perfect for someone who wants just a few scares!



This 1996 movie consists of suspense, scares and a lot of laughs.  A few years after her mother’s murder, a girl and her high school friends are stalked by a killer. This movie is in a series, so if you’re looking for something to keep you spooked all night, you could watch the whole series. 



Hush is a suspense-filled movie about a deaf girl who lives in the woods and is being hunted down by a killer. This movie has many jump scares and will probably leave you a little paranoid. 


Pet Sematary

This recent remake of a Stephan King movie is sure to give you the spooks. When a family notices a cemetery near their house, strange things start happening. This movie, more of a mystery thriller, is sure to have you thinking about it for days. 

Don’t Watch Alone:


This movie, many people say, could be the scariest movie of all time. When Annie’s mom dies she starts to notice peculiar things happening, and she starts to wonder if there is a supernatural force using her family. Be warned, this movie will keep you up all night in fear. 


The Exorcist

This movie is based on true events, to make it even creepier. The Exorcist is about a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a demon, and strange things begin to happen. This movie, although a little old, is nothing less than absolutely terrifying.


The Shining

This Stephan King slasher movie is a terrifying classic. The Shining is a psychological horror movie about a man and his family staying at a haunted hotel. This movie has scared generations and is extremely terrifying. 


The Babadook

This movie, although not famous, is sure to leave you scared for days. When a little boy’s character from a book starts haunting the family, a mother and her son have to protect themselves before it’s too late.