What to leave in the past decade


Dustin Johnson

As we kick off the new decade, many of us have made changes in our lives that we will hopefully stick with throughout the year.
Here is a list of things we can all do to make the year better, and help each other and ourselves get through the year.

Things that should be left in the 2010s

This first one might sound cheesy, but don’t bring toxic people with you into the new year. Toxic people weigh you down and make you feel crummy about yourself. You may be saying to yourself “I’m afraid I’m going to hurt them though…” remember, you are NOT responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own. If this person or group of people makes you feel bad about yourself then it’s okay to do what’s best for you. It may sound harsh, but you don’t want to start the new year or spend the year, feeling bad.

The next thing we should leave behind is our bad habits. These can include things like biting your nails or holding on to stress. The first step is to realize that what your doing is a bad habit and then become aware that you’re doing it and think of a way to stop it. Then, you work on getting rid of this habit or replace it with a good habit. You will probably miss up a little bit in the beginning but you have to keep trying and know you’ll get better soon. Remember that these habits will be left in the past and you are trying to better yourself.

The last thing we should keep in the 2010s is violence. This can mean all types of violence. We should all try to resolve conflicts peacefully and not be violent or angry with one another. It’s important to realize that we can’t solve anything by just getting mad and throwing punches or yelling at each other. It all really boils down to communication and understand, things that are important always, not just going into the new decade.

Things we should bring into the 2020s

Although the new decade has already started, you still have time to start working on making this year better than the last. A simplistic, but cheesy way to do this is to stay positive. Realize that things can get better in the future, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Keep working on getting better and focus on what’s important to you. Try to focus on good things that happened during your day or the week, instead of what went wrong.

This one goes along with breaking bad habits, but try to start the new year with some good habits. This can include being nicer to people or trying to talk to new people. Try to develop new habits and tell your friends and family about them so they can help to hold you accountable. Just by telling people about your new habits or resolutions can increase your chances of completing them by 75%.

As we get settled into the new decade its important to try and keep an open mind because the new year brings new opportunities. We might not always see them but they are usually there. Trying to help others, along with yourself is always important, but the new year is always a good reminder. Whether it be helping someone out with resolutions or just listening to them rant for awhile. Try to be prepared for anything anyone might say to you, and try to react appropriately.