Valentines movies to watch with your loved ones

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! For some people that means spending the day with their significant other and for others, it could also something not too exciting. However, if you don’t have plans for Valentine’s day, or are looking for something to do with a loved one, we have just the right thing for you to do, watch movies. For the special occasion of Valentine’s day, we have a list of the best Valentine’s Day Movies:


Valentine’s Day: This Rom-Com stars many big names including; Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey and many more. The story is about multiple people on the joyous holiday of Valentine’s Day and the ways in which they are all just trying to spread love.  


The Notebook: The classic romance movie is perfect for Valentine’s day, however, some tears might be shed while watching.  


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: This 2018 Netflix film was one of the most popular movies of 2018. Starring Lara Condor and Noah Centineo, this movie is perfect to watch with friends or family. The sequel to this movie was also just released on Netflix, so if you’ve got some time, you could even watch them both.  


A Cinderella Story: The movie we all grew up on. Although this movie is very predictable, it makes for good pass time and features a sweet love story. 


P.S I Love You: This movie, although a little old, is a beautiful love story that doesn’t follow the typical path of a boy and girl meeting and falling in love. Be ready with the tissues for this movie, as it pulls on your heart.  


My Best Friend’s Wedding: Starring Julia Roberts, this movie centers around friends named Julianne and Michael. If both of them were single at 28, they would get married, but when Micheal says he’s engaged a few days before turning 28, Julianne realizes she’s actually in love with him.  The movie follows her adventures as she tries to stop the wedding!


Notting Hill: Just another one of those iconic romance movies with a famous line. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” A classic romance to watch on Valentine’s day.


Always Be My Maybe: This Netflix Movie is about reconnecting with friends and a little bit of love that goes along with it.  


Crazy Rich Asians: The title says it all. A love story is about a boy and a girl falling in love who have completely different worlds. This movie has laughs and tears and features a beautiful love story in the center of it all.