Thoughts on Eagan’s Sadie’s dance

Hana Diwan, Photographer

The Sadie’s “Dance” was this past Friday (Feb. 21, 2020), however, was it really a dance? Was everyone who wanted to able to go to the dance? In comparison to Homecoming, there was a significant decrease in people attending the “dance”. When asking students who attended Sadie’s this year, most stated that it wasn’t even a dance, especially compared to the events other metro area schools host for their winter dance.  Many viewed Sadie’s this year as just simply a “party in the school gym”. This is part of the reason why there aren’t many people who go to Sadie’s compared to other dances. 


Another cause of the low attendance to Eagan’s Sadie’s is the fact that there were several other school events going on at the same time. The opening performance of Eagan’s musical, South Pacific, started at 7:00 pm.  The dance was from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm, only allowing a small amount of time in the end for students involved in or watching the play to attend. In addition, there was a girl’s sporting event that took place at the same time as Sadie’s. With two other events overlapping, there were several reasons why EHS students were unable to attend.  There have also been instances in the past where a similar situation occurred.


In order to make Sadies feel like more of a dance and whole school event, Sadie’s should be set on a date that is more convenient at a separate time than school-related activities that many students are involved in. Some also believe that Sadie’s should “be more of a dance” rather than just a party, by implementing things such as a more formal dress code instead of this year’s blacklight/neon theme. Perhaps in the future, changes will be made, allowing more people to attend Sadie’s.