Looking for a new mask? We’ve got you covered

Katie Warnke, Features Editor

While attending school twice a week and wearing a mask for a long duration of your day you might’ve realized that your mask collection could use an upgrade. Whether you don’t seem to have enough, are uncomfortable with the fit, constantly need to adjust it, or just want a mask that matches your outfit, you might find yourself in search of a new face mask.  


Here’s a look at a few places you can check out to find a cloth face mask perfect for you:


Target- Target’s masks are a target run away and have positive reviews and feedback. They come in a variety of styles and colors along with multiple sizes so you can find your best fit. If you typically find that masks are too large or loose on your face or around your ears, the kid’s size masks are a great option for people with petit faces. The price range for a mask at target is $2-$4 dollars


Etsy- If you’re looking for masks that will spice up your style, match your outfit, or have specific designs or phrases on them Etsy is one of the best places to look. A quick search in the search bar will bring you a variety of options. It’s not only a great way to get a mask that you like to look of but buying on Etsy also helps support individual artists and small businesses. Prices and review range based on the seller, but there is an added cost of shipping.  


Old Navy- Old Navy’s face masks are very well-reviewed and have many options of print and color. Sets come in adult sizes and children size with some sets having adjustable ear straps. Ranging from snowmen to bananas Old Navys mask selection is impressive, and available in stores and online. A set of five masks costs $12.50 and a set of ten costs $25.  


Aritzia- If you’re looking for something more chic or upscale Aritzias masks are for you. Their sculpted masks are designed to fit snugly around the contours of your face and have adjustable ear straps. They come in a selection of plain colors and sell for $10.  


Casetify- While it might seem like a strange thing for them to sell, Casetify is selling reusable face masks that are available in four colors. A unique feature about their masks is that they come with two carbon filters that you can change out inside of your mask. With each mask purchase, Casetify will also donate a mask to a health care worker. Costing $15 and shipping, these masks are well-reviewed but said to run large.  


When checking out masks at any of these places, if you have questions about how they should fit or if they meet CDC guidelines, check out this page from the CDC to learn more: