What’s that in the classroom? How air purifiers are making EHS safer


Donald Thai, Sports Writer

It’s possible you’ve been wondering…what’s that refrigerator-like, fan-like large standing rectangle in the back of every classroom? Why is there (almost) always a 99% symbol that appears on the built-in screen? It turns out, it is not something that can store drinks, but rather, the massive inanimate object is an air purifier. 


With in-person school returning, but COVID still prominent, the school has implemented a solution to possibly ease the minds of students and teachers alike. According to the CDC, the Coronavirus can potentially have airborne transmission, which means that the virus can be spread through respiratory droplets. These droplets are produced through simple actions, which include speaking, singing, coughing, sneezing, and even breathing. Although some airborne infections can quickly spread throughout a room, thus infecting everyone in it, the Coronavirus is mostly spread through close contact of respiratory droplet transmission (i.e. less than six feet). 


To improve ventilation and airflow within a classroom, most, if not all rooms in the building are equipped with an AeraMax Professional 4. This massive air purifier is built to cover up from 600 to 1,400 square feet, which is more than enough to cover a whole classroom or even a cafeteria. The AeraMax company claims that this air purifier can remove up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants. Furthermore, with PureViewTM technology (the screen that is attached to the air purifier), the AeroMax Professional 4 detects the amount of air cleaned and displays the process in real-time. The PureViewTM technology has won the 2018 Good Design Awards, which is a prestigious award that creates awareness regarding innovative contemporary designs to honor the product and industry. 


Beyond just the PureViewTM screen, the air purifier’s sensors (known as the PlasmaTrueTM Technology) effectively scan the room for air pollutants using precise laser sensors. To understand what the laser-scan looks like, imagine a teacher’s arm as a laser. If that teacher moved their arm across the room, that is exactly how the sensors of the AeraMax detect particles in the surrounding area. The filtration system, then, absorbs the particles into the purifier like a vacuum cleaning a dirty rug. 


The AeraMax Professional 4 features a four-stage filtration system, ensuring that the best air quality is returned. Additionally, the machine includes three different fan speeds and two modes (normal and quiet) each with varying noise and strength. 


Although the features of the AeraMax Professional 4 may seem to be an optimal air purifier for your home, the machine, expectedly, is a rather expensive solution for just a family. The commercial-grade AeraMax Professional 4 is a total of $2,579.99 for the floor-stand version with PureViewTM technology on the AeraMax website. 


As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, the spread of the Coronavirus should extensively decrease. Right now, the AeraMax Professional IV offers a solid solution to protect those that are not vaccinated and even those that are vaccinated. The AeraMax does not just protect people from the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but it may also protect the spread of other common illnesses, like the common cold or influenza.