A year of online learning: what’s essential

Lauren Holm, News Editor

 Students around the world are currently using distance learning as a method of doing school due to the COVID pandemic. While distance learning can be a good education for students who don’t want to risk their health for school, it can also lead to confusion about what you need to be successful at home.

I asked students what their distance learning essentials are.  While essentials can be in the form of school supplies, an essential and common theme I noticed is organization. An organized workspace is crucial in helping students know where their homework and books are as well as give them space to zoom in and work.
Here is a list of the items I think are essential for a successful distance learning year:
School iPad:
Using an iPad during the school day is very important. Not only does it help with homework and taking notes, but it also is a tool that can be used for research purposes. Also, zoom is an important app that is used on a daily basis for most distance learning students to attend classes or get help from teachers.
A computer is another electronic device that can be helpful during school. If you don’t have a computer, an iPad will work wonderfully. But, a computer can help if you like a larger screen or like having a second device open when you are researching. Also, some applications work better on a browser and computers can help with that.
Writing utensils:
Whether it is a pencil, pen, or marker, writing utensils are important to have available at a moment’s notice. They are extremely useful when taking notes, doing a worksheet, writing a plan for a project, etc. They can also be helpful when sketching or drawing for a project or a diagram on an assignment. If you prefer to use an iPad for your writing and/or drawings during the day, a stylus can be used instead of the more traditional writing utensils above.
A planner is a very helpful tool to use when you want to plan ahead and/or keep up with your homework. A planner can also be used to keep track of important events with extracurricular activities or class help zooms you want to attend. Planners can be found wherever you get school supplies normally.