Mixtape Monday: Volleyball Team

Lauren Holm and Jacob Braginsky

The Eagan Varsity girls volleyball team is one of the highlights of Eagan sports.  Upholding their winning reputation takes a lot of motivation, and the music that the team plays before games helps boost their energy! Here are some of the team favorite songs to listen to according to  Kendal Kemp, one of the captains of the team.


  1. Wobble- A song to dance too.
  2. All of the Lights- When putting shoes on and getting ready.
  3. Fight Night- Right before game starts and team goes out.
  4. Crank That – A dance song.
  5. Cruisin for a Bruisin- For a specific dance.


Before Sienna Ifill hits the court, she likes to listen to some music. Sienna regards herself as a calm person, so it takes a lot to get into the uber-competitive mindset that is required in high-stakes sports. Some pregame songs she enjoys are:

  1. Sweatpants by Childish Gambino
  2. Family Ties by Baby Keem
  3. DNA by Kendrick Lamar
  4. Ar-15 by Rico Nasty


Emma Berran listens to a variety of genres to prepare herself for each match. Her pregame playlist includes:

  1. Beggin’ by Maneskin – “ it’s a banger!”
  2. Heat Waves by Glass Animals – “it’s a chill song.”

 Some bands she likes to listen too include R.E.M., Guns and Roses, Queen, Linkin Park. Emma also listens to some foreign music to get her ready for the game!


Here is a playlist of all the songs mentioned in this article!