Finals: A Survival Guide

Jacob Braginsky, Staff Writer

Final exams can often be the most stressful part of the year for Eagan High School students. This school year, both the Freshman and Sophomore classes will be experiencing finals for the first time; an unprecedented 50% of the student body. With so many exams on one day, it’s important to be prepared for the two-day affair. Right before finals begin, a handful of students and teachers have provided some advice to help you succeed.

History is not everybody’s strong suit. Luckily, social studies teacher Mr. Eschle has some insight. Mr. Eschle believes that the hardest part of of his final exams are the topics at hand and the pure volume of information. However, he thinks that the biggest misconception about finals is that it massively impacts the final grade. While finals are often significantly weighted, “students tend to do as well on the final than in the class,” meaning that the existing course grade and final exam grade often align. Mr. Eschle gives his two best ways to prepare for finals: to go beyond the definitions and learn the broader themes of course material- and to relax. Relaxing may be easier said than done, but stress can be alleviated by reaching out to teachers or more experienced students.

Everyone has different methods of preparation that work for them, from watching videos on the material to using online apps like Quizlet. Many students also find that making a cheat sheet prior to exam can help with remembering the course material.

However, not all final exams are made equal. For instance, English teacher, Mrs. Owzarek doesn’t do a cumulative final, as she believes that an objectively measured test is not suitable for her English class. Regardless, she reiterates the same steps to success: “Start studying in advance.”

Finally, one Eagan student had a more unique outlook towards their upcoming tests. When asked what he is most nervous about, Samson Axelrod stated that “he doesn’t feel emotion” and is “built different.” A study from Kean University aligns with Samson’s mentality: confidence can improve overall test scores. However, it shouldn’t overshadow the traditional means of preparation that have been proven by the students and teachers at Eagan.

Whatever way you are studying for finals, good luck!