EHS Teachers Give Tips For Finals


Credit: University Center Blog: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Avika Mathur

With finals week quickly approaching, students are feeling overwhelmed with last-minute tests, papers, and assignments coming their way. Eagan Independent asked education professionals to give insight on their tips and tricks to make the upcoming week less stressful. 

Mr. Comer told us how studying over the days is important: “Space it out and do some each day, don’t study it all last minute.” Ms. Pereda, one of the Spanish teachers agreed with this, adding, “Spread out your studying, don’t cram it all in one night.” Studying over a few days can help you remember the content more and feel less overwhelmed! Mr. Kissner, one of the science teachers added, “Focus on the big picture, not every tiny detail.

Finals can be stressful. If you listen to what these EHS teachers have to say, making sure to study a little bit each day and focus on the big picture, finals are sure to be less nerve-wracking. 

Winter finals are Wednesday, March 9, and Thursday, March 10. Good luck Wildcats!