Movies for Women’s History Month


Abiha Kashif, News Writer

As Women’s History Month draws to a close, we took a moment to shine a spotlight on yet another place powerful female characters thrive – film. Whether it’s a traditional battle of the sexes, or simply powerful women teaching us valuable lessons, Hollywood can be a great place to turn to appreciate the women that have motivated so many across the globe. Below, find everything from superheroes to spies, all showing us that women can in fact change the world.

Moxie: This movie centers around a young high school girl who discovers her mother’s past leading feminist movements in her youth. Through these new discoveries, she grapples with the consequences and successes of publishing a zine calling out misogynistic culture within her own high school.

Legally Blonde: Elle Woods, after getting dumped by her Harvard-bound lawyer boyfriend, decides to transfer schools in order to pursue law and win him back. Ultimately, it turns into a story of the power of being unapologetically feminine in traditionally male-dominated spaces, refusing to change despite whatever standards are imposed upon you.

Captain Marvel: The story follows an extraterrestrial warrior trying to end a war between her people and another species called the Skrulls. All while juggling intergalactic battles, she has memories of another life as an Air Force pilot on Earth that she can’t quite place. The story is known for following a powerful female hero, breaking stereotypes for what was traditionally considered to be a true superhero.

Little Women: Telling the story of 4 sisters living in the mid-eighteenth century, Little Women explores sisterhood and gender roles in a world where women were crammed into narrow roles as caretaker of house and home. Whether it’s Jo and her ambitions to write and succeed the way her male counterparts would, Beth fighting to maintain courage in trying times, Meg choosing a life of love and marriage, or Amy struggling with being the most overlooked of the four sisters, Little Women dives into complicated themes all while being a heartwarming story of love and family.

Battle of the Sexes: This 2017 film centers around the most streamed sports event of all time – a tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in a world where men and women going head to head in the sports world was entirely unheard of. With relationships, money, and reputation on the line, Battle of the Sexes is a gripping story that will have you rooting for Billie Jean King and her fight for equal pay in a male-dominated world.

Mulan: Young Fa Mulan faces a dilemma as her elderly father is called to fight a lethal war in China. Taking matters into her own hands, she dresses up as a boy in order to take his place, but faces a world of hardships awaiting her on the battlefield. A suspicious lieutenant, startling new friends, and proving her own worth in the war, she finds herself on a journey that will wager the future of China itself.

Brave: Merida has always known that her fate as a princess would eventually be to marry and take over the Scottish throne – but that doesn’t stop her from doing all she can to prevent it. A skilled archer and athlete, Merida is determined to fight her own battles, earning her mother’s disapproval. Seeking a spell from a witch that will later be her downfall, Merida finds herself now fighting for her mother’s life, learning a powerful lesson about independence and family.

Charlie’s Angels: When powerful government technology falls into the wrong hands, engineer Elena Houghlin must turn to the infamous Townsend Agency for help, sending the Angels – Jane, Sabrina, and Elena – to retrieve it before it’s far too late. Charlie’s Angels is to this day known as a movie that spotlights powerful women and all they can accomplish.