Summer Job Q and A

Summer Job Q and A

Lauren Holm, News Editor

Summer is approaching quickly, and that means many students at EHS are beginning to think about summer jobs. However, there are many questions that come with this topic. How do I make a good impression during an interview?  What qualities do employers look for in an employee?  To answer these questions, I asked Cierra Franklin, the manager of the Eagan Caribou in Grand Oak Business Park, about what she looks for in summer employees. 


Q1. What qualities/characteristics do you look for in a good employee?

Reliability and a willingness to learn along with just being kind. This isn’t a hard job to teach but if you miss any of those three things you will struggle. 


Q2. How can candidates make a good first impression in an interview?  (Dress code, conversation habits, etc.)

Just being themselves and talking about why they want that specific position. (Want to own their own coffee house one day, etc.)


Q3. What do summer jobs usually look like at Caribou Coffee?  How is this different from other summer jobs?

We are very flexible and we have a lot of fun, we run challenges for prizes, do continued education with coffee talks and will help you get to where you want to be in Caribou.